Our Assurance Services Group provides independent audit, attestation, and transaction advisory services to a wide variety of industries.

The audit profession must evolve and change to remain relevant in today’s rapidly changing global economic environment. Without significant changes, the audit profession will miss a critical opportunity to add value and offer insight to investors and stakeholders.



The Pun Group is dedicated to helping businesses, governmental entities, and not-for-profit entities maximize their potential. Our audits provide an objective view of each organization’s financial situation, and our audit experts will provide evidence-based advice for improved efficiency and internal control.

Our audit methodology entails using industry-standard methods to identify and focus on high-risk areas. This approach enables us to quickly identify potential areas of trouble quickly, saving your organization time and money.

Our experienced audit staff will work with your leadership team every step of the way to ensure that the objectives and methodology of the audit are understood and agreed upon. An experienced partner will work hands-on on every audit, benefiting you with years of practical and technical knowledge.

The combination of hands-on experience and practical knowledge of our audit professionals makes the Firm unique in the field. Our technical knowledge and thorough understanding of current regulations and issues—along with the Firm’s commitment to hard work, integrity, and teamwork on every engagement—enable us to help our clients flourish. This method ensures that the audit process will be performed steadily, communicated clearly, and completed efficiently.

Service Beyond the Bottom Line

Get an answer that moves you forward and goes beyond just the numbers.

The overall mission of the Assurance Services Group is to provide its clients with an independent and objective view of their financial condition and results of operations while maximizing the transparency and reliability of financial information provided to investors, creditors, and other stakeholders for their use in making timely investment and business decisions.

Our Transaction Services Group professionals, who are also members of the Assurance Service Group, provide clients with value-added corporate finance advisory services including mergers and acquisitions, buy-side due diligence, sell-side support services, valuation services, and post-transaction support.

We employ in-depth knowledge, experience, and precise and effective training in order to provide timely, constructive solutions to our clients. We encourage the formulation of clear and robust perspectives and safeguard the independence, integrity, and credibility of our work. We take time to understand your industry, business environment, and people, and we tailor our solutions to suit your requirements.

We help our clients manage risks by making informed decisions. We bring into play transparency in all our dealings and adopt a constructive approach in work.

The Pun Group offers a broad range of assurance and related consulting services that go beyond the numbers. We help you assess and ensure the quality of information you use to make critical decisions, formulate solutions to your business problems, and evaluate your company’s financial performance.