A team of experienced accountants and financial professionals, The Pun Group seeks to provide dependable, tailored service to business across a wide spectrum.

Combining decades of experience, integrity, technical expertise, a commitment to hard work, and continual learning and understanding, associates at The Pun Group are leaders in their field. We work with your team to lay out clear methodology and concrete objectives, then work with you and guide you through every engagement, keeping the goals squarely in front.

"The Pun Group’s most valuable asset is our reputation, and that drives our every interaction with clients."

— Kenneth Pun, Managing Partner

Offering a full range of financial services, The Pun Group helps clients address all aspects of their financial condition.

Our Assurance Services Group maximizes the transparency and reliability of financial information, providing our clients with an independent and objective view of their financial standing. The Business and Tax Group helps clients to deal with complex accounting and challenging regulatory compliance issues, also aiming to make sure that your company maintains a competitive advantage through evaluation and strategic services. To cover all other bases, our Advisory Group provides a range of services for the business environment, from corporate governance to valuation, litigation, and forensic investigation.

Our team of partners and professional personnel provide stability for our clients. Working with the same team year after year provides significant strategic benefit, and allows for the growth of our relationship. All of our partners draw on years of experience, and practice our corporate philosophy in all interactions.

Local Commitment, Global Resources

As an independent member of Allinial Global, we offer a unique proposition for our clients to enjoy all the benefits and close personal attention from The Pun Group and to access additional national firm expertise and resources from Allinial Global.  Based in North America, Allinial Global offers international support by connecting its member firms to providers and global networks of accounting firms worldwide.

Being idle in the financial sector is not acceptable. The financial world is always changing, and you have to change with it. Your financial advisors and accountants should be constant learners and thought leaders in the industry.

Working with a thought leader is important. Being an expert is one thing. It’s great to have someone with years of experience there by your side. Experts are great sources of information learned in the past – but that is merely recycled, regurgitated ideas. As thought leaders, we provide innovative ideas, utilize cutting-edge processes and technologies, and drive the industry forward.

"It’s easy to find a financial service provider. We don’t want to simply be a provider, we want to be your trusted partner."

— Jack F. Georger, Jr., Partner

Trying to be a jack of all trades and serve every market out there is a way to ensure you are an expert in none, and spread yourself thin. That’s why we concentrate on a number of specific fields, where our team brings experience to the plate.

Entertainment & Technology
State & Local Governments
Manufacturing & Distribution

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