Experts That Know Your Industry

We specialize in many different arenas, and can guide you through any of our services in each of the industries in which we serve.

Entertainment & Technology

Online gaming. E-sports. Emerging technologies. It's an ever changing world, especially when it comes to new media. Our CPAs understand the tech space and use that operational knowledge and insight to provide guidance on a range of issues, whether it involves financial statements, tax planning or advisory matters.


Because of its complex delivery systems, maze of regulations, HIPAA requirements and more, healthcare accounting is like no other. And no one understands it better than The Pun Group. Our firm invests heavily in the infrastructure and professional training necessary to stay abreast of changes in this highly specialized field.


Running a not-for-profit organization comes with a unique set of challenges. These organizations must stretch every donation in order to do the most possible good with their resources, while justifying their financial decisions to donors, oversight bodies, and beneficiaries. It's a delicate balance, and we aim to help you strike the right balance.

Outcomes You Can Trust

The Pun Group’s commitment to hard work, integrity, and teamwork on every engagement is our competitive advantage by ensuring that objectives and methodology are fully understood and agreed upon.

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State & Local Governments

With more than 100 years of combined experience in the government and public agency space, we have become a trusted partner for jurisdictions throughout the western United States. The Pun Group provides strategic audit, accounting and consulting solutions that facilitate more informed decision-making by elected officials and staff.

Manufacturing & Distribution

The CPAs at The Pun Group aren't afraid to put on safety gear and walk the shop floor. That's just one way we learn how our manufacturing and distribution clients operate. The firm takes a similar, hands-on approach when it comes to issues like inventory management, cost controls and ensuring compliance with Federal and State regulations.

"We have the resources to go wherever our clients need us. Our client-focused teams are organized into expert market sectors to support all financial needs."

— Gary Caporicci, Partner